Report ÖGAI Annual Meeting 2016

Report ÖGAI Annual Meeting 2016

The annual meeting of ÖGAI 2016, which was perfectly organized by Prof. Doris Wilflingseder (Section for Hygiene and Medical Microbiology, Medical University of Innsbruck) and Prof. Günter Weiss (University Clinics for Internal Medicine VI, Medical University Innsbruck), took place from November 16th-19th, 2016, in Innsbruck, in the gracefully renovated rooms of the Villa Blanka. The ÖGAI annual meeting 2016 attracted 150 abstracts and 250 registered delegates, which marks this annual meeting as one of the most successful ÖGAI meetings ever. Apart from the large number of delegates and exhibitors, 13 national and international plenary-speakers covered many important aspects of modern allergy and immunology in full breadth and depth within their talks. Starting with new findings about cells and mechanisms in the fields of innate immunity (e.g. intracellular mechanisms to fight virus infections, hemolysis- and HIV-associated immunomodulation of APC) and of adaptive immunity (e.g. How many T cells are required to mount a successful immune response? How can the immune system be instructed to fight cancer cells?), recent discoveries leading to the better understanding of autoimmune diseases, drug-induced hyper-reactivity reactions, the immuno-surveillance of tumors as well as new forms of allergy-vaccines have been presented and discussed on a high scientific level. The many early career scientists presented their newest scientific findings within 150 single presentations (oral- and poster-presentations). The best 14 presenters received awards granted by an independent jury.

During the gala dinner of the ÖGAI annual meeting, the ÖGAI prizes for early career scientist were awarded: Martina Minnich received the Karl Landsteiner Award, granted for outstanding work in the field of immunological research and generously sponsored by the Karl Landsteiner & Eisler-Terramare Foundation. Anna Gieras received the Clemens von Pirquet Award, granted for outstanding work in the field of allergy research and generously sponsored by Bencard. Viktoria Klepsch received the Ursula and Fritz Melchers Thesis Award and Regina Selb received the ÖGAI Thesis Award.


 Highlights were also the Awards of the ÖGAI Prizes 

Clemens von Pirquet Preis to Anna Gieras


Karl Landsteiner Preis to Martina Minnich


Ursula und Fritz Melchers Dissertationspreispreis to Viktoria Klepsch


ÖGAI Dissertations-Preis to Regina Selb


Furthermore, the distinguished and internationally renowned scientist Professor Guido Kroemer, Centre de Recherche des Cordoliers
, Paris, France, received the EFIS-Immunology Letters lecture award for delivering a key note lecture at the occasion of the ÖGAI annual meeting.


In addition, Professor Othmar Förster received the ÖGAI service award for providing his proactive and diligent input into ÖGAI society matters in his function as a Honorary President of ÖGAI over the last 24 years.


Best Oral Presentation Awards: 

Session 1 | Immunity to Infections - Simona Saluzzo
Session 2 | Innate Immunity - Corinna Krump
Session 3 | Immune Cell Signaling - Verena Labi
Session 4 | Adaptive Immune Regulation - Liisa Andersen
Session 5 | Autoimmunity Immunodeficiencies - Monika Linke
Session 6 | Clinical Allergology - Beate Posch
Session 7 | Tumor Immunology - Claudia Zelle-Rieser

Best Poster Presentation Awards
Session 1 | Immunity to Infections - Manuela Schönfeld
Sesson 2 | Innate Immunity - David Haschka
Session 3 | Immune Cell Signaling - Philipp Schatzlmaier
Session 4 | Adaptive Immune Regulation - Bernhard Kratzer
Session 5 | Autoimmunity Immunodeficiencies - Katharina Martin
Session 6 | Clinical Allergology - Eva Waltl
Session 7 | Tumor Immunology - Philipp Novoszel



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