Best Oral Presentation Prize


Recipient Title
    Patrick Brunner, Dermatologie, Med.Univ.Wien Myeloid cells, and not T cells, are the main source of TNF-alpha in plaque-type psoriasis
    Victoria Gredler, Neurologie, Med.Univ.Innsbruck Impact of human myelin on the maturation and function of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells
2009   Madeleine Kalb, Dermatologie, Med.Univ.Wien The functional spectrum of cytotoxic DCs: different roles of IFN-alpha and MHC class I in pDCs and mDCs
    Johannes Stöckl, Inst.f.Immunologie, Med.Univ, Wien Engagement of protein associated with Toll-like receptor 4 (PRAT4A) by the soluble cytoplasmic tail of CD45 (ct-CD45) regulates the proliferation and polarization of human T cells
    Krisztina Szalai, Pathphysiologie, Med.Univ.Wien Percutaneous sensitization with Der p 1 and Der p2 induces acute dermatitis in atopic and non-atopic mouse models
2010   Djurdjica Cekinović , Croatia, Zagreb Role of virus specifi c antibodies in the control of MCMV infection in newborn mice
    Kathrin Eller , Nephrologie, Med.Univ,Graz Role of IL-9 in nephrotoxic serum nephritis
    Thomas Weichhatr, ,Nephrologie, Med. Univ.Wien

Inhibition of mTOR blocks the anti-infl ammatory effects of glucocorticoids in myeloid immune cells

    Ulrike Baranyi ,Transplantation, MedUniv,Wien Induction of long-term tolerance in IgE-mediated allergy by molecular chimerism
    Denise Tischner , Innsbruck, Austria Bim and Fas differentially control AICD in induced regulatory and effector T cells
    Maria Seyerl, Inst.f.Immunologie, Med.Univ, Wien Human rhinoviruses induce IL-35-producing Treg via induction of B7-H1 (CD274) and Sialoadhesin (CD169) on DC
    Peter Kopac, Golnik, Slovenia Clinically effective apple desensitization in birch allergic patients with oral allergy syndrome
2011   Omar Sharif, Innere Med., Med.Univ.Wien TREM-2 is detrimental during pneumococcal pneumonia via suppressive effects on phagocytosis and inflammation.
    Nighat Yasmin, Inst.f.Immunologie, Med.Univ, Wien VDR beta-catenin and TGF-beta1 signaling co-operate in inducing differentiation and epithelial gene expression by Langerhans dendritic cells
    Afitap Derya Köprülü, Inst.f.Immunologie, Med.Univ, Wien The role of Btk during Listeria monocytogenes infection
    Patrick Brunner, Med.Univ.Wien CD11c+ dendritic cells and CD163+ macrophages are the main source of TNF-alpha in plaque-type psoriasis
2012   Thomas Bauer, Inst.f.Immunologie, Med.Univ, Wien  Identification of Axl as a downstream effector of TGF-β1 during Langerhans cell differentiation and epidermal homeostasis
    Joanna Warszawska, Med.Univ.Wien Lipocalin 2 modulates inflammation and impairs host defense against Streptococcus pneumoniae
2014   Teresa Stemeseder, Univ. Salzburg

Why I? IgE profiling and lifestyle analysis of 501 Austrian school children

    Gerald Wirnsberger, IMBA; Wien

Jagunal-homolog 1 is a critical regulator of neutrophil function in fungal host defense

    Guido Gualdoni, Inst.f.Immunologie, Med.Univ.Wien

Azithromycin inhibits IL-1 beta secretion of innate immune cells by specificly inhibiting the NLRP3 inflammasome

    Elisabeth Glitzner, Inst.f.Krebsforschung, Med.Univ.Wien

Specific roles for dendritic cell subsets during initiation and progression of psoriasis

    Martin R.Candia, Inst.f.Immunologie, Med.Univ.Wien

Does signal one strength influence the phenotype and function of human allergen-specific T lymphocytes?

    Julia Marschallinger, PMU, Salzburg

Structural and functional rejuvenation of the aged brain by an approved anti-asthmatic drug

 2015   Sheron Dzoro, Inst.f.Pathophysiologie, Med.Univ.Wien

Are house dust mites (HDM) potential carriers of bacteria responsible for the induciton of sensitization to microbial ‚allergens‘

    Georgios Tsouchnikas, Dept.Virologie, Med.Univ.Wien

Immunization with Immune Complexes Modulates the Fine-Specificity of Antibody Responses to a Flavivirus Antigen

 2016   Simona Saluzzo, Dermatoliogy, Med.Univ.Wien Homeostatically driven type-2 pathways shape and maintain the pulmonary immune environment
    Corinna Krump, Pathophysiologie, Med.Univ.Graz

Human skin dendritic cell fate is differentially regulated by the monocyte identity factor KLF4 during steady state and inflammation

    Verena Labi, Pathophysiologie,Entwicklungsimmunologie, Med.Univ.Innsbruck

Bim is a key target of miR-17~92 in B cells undergoing stress responses

    Liisa Andersen, Immunologie, Med.Univ.Wien

MAZR: Modulating regulatory T cell development and function 

    Monka Linke, Medizin.Genetik, , Med.Univ.Wien

Active mTORC1 signaling induces macrophage granuloma formation and sarcoidosis progression

    Beate Posch, Dermatologie, Innsbruck

Human dendritic cells induce divergent immune responses according to the allergenic potential of two homologous lipocalins

    Claudia Zelle-Rieser, Tiroler Krebsforschung, Innsbruck

T cells from myeloma patients display features of both exhaustion and senescence




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